How to Stay Motivated as a Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is often a term used lightly. When most people think entrepreneurs they think of high success overnight. Elon Musk or Bill Gates style. Billions of dollars just falling into your lap. Although they fall in a high category of a entrepreneur , but what many often don’t see until deep into the journey is that its all a joinery. Entrepreneurship is about opportunity. Knowing who you are at every moment or even sometime not knowing who you are but figuring it out along the way. Ask any millionaire or billionaire how they did it and they will leave you with many thoughts and open ended answers because everyone’s journey is different. It may be clues or footsteps but not how to maps. If it was, everyone would be a entrepreneur. Everyone would be successful. But success is misinterpreted to think that its about money when in actuality it’s about consistency, gratitude, perseverance, faith, trust, relationship personal development and many other things. So all I’m saying is, along your journey of entrepreneurship believe in your why, always remember your why, and stay deep in the faith of making you dreams a realty. Here’s a few simple things to keep yourself motivated along the way.


  1. Prayer- prayer is a essential to creating that divine connection with the universe and the creator of your path and direction.
  2. Meditation- Imagination is very key on your path because if you can see it you can achieve it. Take at least 10 minuets a day to dream and imagine yourself where you desire to be.
  3. Action- Take massive action that will help you get closer to your dreams even if it is scary fear is a sign of growth if your dreams don’t scary you there too small.
  4. Faith- believe in yourself at all times to the point that you don’t hear no or negativity.
  5. Appearance- When you look good you feel good. Take time to exercise, men and women take care of your skin with our three step system. It will be many long days and nights so appearance is extremely important. Ladies incorporate a brief makeup routine before your daily activities.
  6. SMILE…