Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Makeup can be a tedious process if you let it. But It can be a awesome meditative, affirming, positive stress reliever as well.

We have created a beginner friendly way for our beauties to dive into a prosperous way of reliving their stress and showing others how through beauty. First things first you always want to start with a skincare routine. In order to heave a healthy glow with or without makeup you must have healthy skin! Our 23 step system is perfect for you starting with the Face Cleanser. A milky cleanser for all skin types for your skin. Step 2 is our Aloe Cucumber toner, to seal those pores, reduce acne and residue that the Face Cleaner may have not gotten. Step 3 you go in with the face cream to moisture and ensure wrinkle reduce and premature aging. Now you have a clean base for your Makeup Tutorial.

Now you start with our Silicon based primer. This will fill all unevenness in your skin and making a even sturdier flawless canvas. Take your Tinted moisturizer and apply two pump to the back of the palm. Warmup the rich formula with two fingers or a flat foundation brush. Apply the tinted moisturizer all over the face, apply your lash conditioner to the lashes, Wait for 30 seconds. Apply your mascara on top.

Take our dreaming eyeshadow pallet and apply a brown shadow in the crease of the eye making a contour. Apply a highlighter color to the brows and inside corner.

Apply our Brow Mascara in the desired shade.

Based on the desired look apply our velvet matte lipstick (perfection recommend).

Finally spray our setting spray in a X across the face.


Always remember beauty is a expression of how you feel, so make sure you have fun dolls. For more help feel free to reach out to our beauty experts.