About Us


Kiera Nicole is a boutique beauty brand founded by Kiera Nicole, a licensed cosmetologist with years in professional make-up artistry and specialized beauty industry. At  Kiera Nicole, we believe beauty is about confidence in yourself which is why we are specialized in helping individuals create their own story and define themselves through beauty.
At Kiera Nicole, we understand that it is not about us; it is about you. We believe that the business of beauty is the business of class and confidence. It is on these that we founded this company. We have been in this business for many years; we have had our challenges, we have had our triumphs, and we have transformed. In all this, we have retained one constant—our value for you, the customer. 
We have made this value count on what we have on display. It counts in our Skincare Regimen, on all of our product lines including high-quality skincare masks and creams, versatile eyeliners, moisturizers, cleansers, primers, gloss, lipstick, and the rest.
At Kiera Nicole, we are considerate. We believe you don’t have to physically walk into a beauty shop to get the beauty treatment you desire. You can shop via Zoom in our Virtual Shopping and have the products delivered to your home.
We believe in beauty via collaboration which means you don’t have to rely on your skills and beauty knowledge alone. Using our VIP Shopping option, you can come in and shop with our handpicked professional by your side.
We care about your romantic side which is why we have Bridal Trial with which we create a look and demo for your special day, including full face application with glam lashes. We can travel to meet your beauty needs should you desire to work outside of our studio.      
We care about your appearance all season which is why we created a Season Updates that specifically takes care of your look in springtime, summer, fall, and winter.
Living to our Mission which is to inspire everyone to look and feel amazing. All of our products are affordable, and handpicked by the best licensed professionals in the beauty industry giving you the opportunity to be beautiful, free, and buoyant.
Our exclusive studio is located in downtown Thomasville, GA but our products serve clients in all the corners of the United States and beyond. If you can read this, we can reach you. 
We are excited to have you on our site and we are happy to play a part in your desire to be fresh and beautiful. Go ahead and browse the amazing products we have for you.
It is all about you.