Meet Our Founder

Push To Puropse

Kiera was born in Tallahassee, Florida and raised in North Carolina by her mother. Growing up being independent, hard work, and adversity was normal. Kiera learned early that being resourceful was the key to pushing through. Never letting anyone or anything get her down as life threw all kinds of odd balls.

 Watching her mother work non-stop to provide and produce a better life while going through college, help her later look back and realize the key to getting what you want! Belief, passion, faith, hard work and dedication. Becoming pregnant at 15, Kiera instantly had to grow up and start putting the early life skills to work. Gaining her first employment at Chick-Fil-A and completing high school in 3 years.  

With the focus of now being placed in the same generational environment, Kiera automatically went into survival mode. Floating in and out of service jobs and community colleges with the hopes of feeling purposeful, and financially stable. Neither accomplished but the dreams of going to cosmetology school never left as it was always with her even as a child using it as a way to express herself while pushing through life's challenges and growing pains.

With a leap of faith and a calling desire for change, Kiera ventured back to Tallahassee, Fl. Floating through the same challenges as before, but suddenly pivoting one day in college when asked to complete a vision board project. She had never had a chance to think about what she wanted, let alone had been trained or even asked. Having what you want wasn't normal in her World. Purpose was born. That vision board was the entry door of what she had been seeking all her life. She then dropped out of college entering into cosmetology school to learn everything their was about the beauty industry to create what is now known as Kiera Nicole. Through completion of beauty school Kiera was able to create a line of velvet matte lipsticks. She set up shop in a boutique and they sold they were a hit.

Once aging pivoting in and out of survival mode, Kiera had now had 4 more  children, married and relocated to Thomasville, GA. Kiera in a new town not knowing what to do next she met a beautiful owner of a local café. She knew based off of experience and journey she couldn't let her dreams go. She leap and launched her first location in downtown Thomasville, GA. The pathway to generational wealth had began.

Kiera is now still growing the brand, engaging in film activity, real estate opportunities, and enjoys being a wife, mother, and community leader.